My Foundations of Education

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My Foundations of Education by Mind Map: My Foundations of Education

1. Politics of Education

1.1. Four Purposes of Education

1.1.1. Intellectual Political Social

1.2. The Role of the School, Unequal Educational Performance, Definition of Educational Problems

1.2.1. The role of the school                      (Conservative Perspective) Unequal Educational Performance (Conservative Perspective) Definition of Education Problems  (Conservative Perspective)

2. Equality of Opportunity

2.1. Educational attainment

2.1.1. Class Race Gender

2.2. Coleman Study from 1982

2.2.1. Sociologists examined and reexamined Ron Edmonds

3. History of U.S. Education

3.1. Public Highschool Reforms

3.1.1. Committee of Ten formed by NEA The Recommendations Reinforced

3.2. Conservative Perspectives

3.2.1. Diane Ravitch Conservative Critics

4. Sociological Perspectives

5. Philosophy of Education

5.1. Existentialism

5.1.1. Generic Notions Goal of Educations Role of Teacher

6. Schools as Organizations

6.1. Major Stakeholders

6.1.1. Dr. Willard Waller Change in School Culture and School Processes

7. Educational Inequality

7.1. Cultural Deprivation

7.1.1. Culture of Poverty Nonwhite Families Working Class

7.2. School Centered Explanations

7.2.1. School Financing Effective School Research Between School Differences

8. Educational Reform

8.1. School-Based Reforms

8.1.1. Charter Schools Vouchers

8.2. Societal Reforms

8.2.1. Community Reforms

9. Sociology of Education

9.1. Theoretical Perspectives

9.1.1. Functionalism Conflict Theories Interactional Theories

9.2. Schooling on Individuals

9.2.1. Education and Inequality Teacher Behavior Knowledge and Attitudes

10. Curriculum & Pedagogy

10.1. Developmentalist Curriculum

10.1.1. Mimetic Tradition Transformative Tradition