Project: Out of control

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Project: Out of control by Mind Map: Project: Out of control

1. Causes

1.1. Complacancy

1.1.1. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

1.1.2. Buggy software is common

1.1.3. "Boiled frog" Syndrome Not actually true Might still delay responses

1.2. Human Curiosity

1.3. Desirable Benefits

1.3.1. Lesser/No UI

1.3.2. Laziness

1.4. Necesity

1.4.1. Complex problems Complex solutions Complex systems

2. Consequences/Results

2.1. Independent devices

2.2. Three laws of robotics no longer valid?

2.3. Positive

2.3.1. Less user-error 'Idiot-proofing' not needed

2.3.2. More of some human jobs

2.4. Problematic

2.4.1. Power-shift More power to the system Less power to the user

2.5. Negative

2.5.1. Fewer of some human jobs

3. Nespresso machines will take over the world

3.1. Oh No!