Who needs help

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Who needs help by Mind Map: Who needs help

1. People with mental health issues

1.1. anxiety

1.2. depression

1.2.1. Support, advice, event or program

2. Pregnancy

2.1. Teenagers - 18 and below

2.1.1. Need physical support, financial help

2.1.2. Single mothers

2.1.3. Single fathers

3. LGBT community

3.1. Support, encouragement

3.2. Teenagers/adolescents

3.2.1. Help in the work place/schooling environment Support with coming out

3.3. An event, an application or website that they can all talk on

4. Disabilities

4.1. Children

4.1.1. unable to use all limbs or body parts arms, legs, speech, hearing, eye sight

5. People with allergies (diet)

5.1. Adolescents

5.1.1. A drink of food that reduces the irritation Gluten intolerance Lactose intolerance