How To Read Literature Like A Professor

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How To Read Literature Like A Professor by Mind Map: How To Read Literature Like A Professor

1. It's All Political

1.1. many people use current issues occuring in societyas a basis for their writting

2. How'd He Do That

2.1. memory, symbol, pattern.

3. Every Trip Is A Quest (Except When It's Not)

3.1. every trip is an important quest for the protagonist. quest consists of: a quester, a place to go, a stated reason to go there, challenges and trials en route, a real reason to go there

4. Nice To Eat With You: Act Of Communion

4.1. people eat and drink together, an act called communion

5. Nice To Eat You: Act Of Vampires

5.1. novels depict people's willingness to fight for their desires no matter how selfish it may be

6. Now Where Have I Seen Her Before?

6.1. writers use prior literary works to create their own

7. When In Doubt, It's From Shakespeare...Or The Bible

7.1. Writers commonly reference to Shakespeare and the Bible

8. Hanseldee and Greteldum

8.1. metonymy: using something to name another thing that is closely related

9. It's Greek To Me

9.1. myths give literature structure-Greek myth is most known and most referenced

10. It's More Than Just Rain Or Snow

10.1. rain NEVER means rain. weather can represent many things

11. Never Stand Next To The Hero

11.1. literature is always based on people

12. Does He Mean That

12.1. everything the author adds is intentional and for a specific reason

13. ...More Than It's Gonna Hurt You

13.1. violence is always a metaphor for something deeper

14. Is That A Symbol

14.1. things can symbolize different things, based on the opinion of the readers

15. Yes, She's A Christ Figure Too

15.1. Christ-like figures can represent sacrifice, redemption and hope

16. Flights of Fancy

16.1. humans want to fly. fly=freedom

17. It's All About Sex...Except Sex

17.1. sex doesn't always look like sex. it can be sexuality or fertility or other things that add richness and depth to the work

18. If She Comes Up, It's Baptism

18.1. both drowning and baptism can be symbols of rebirth

19. Geography Matters, So Does Season

19.1. settings affect the actions of the character and can represent ex: safety or wildness

20. One Story

20.1. there is only one story which is about everything and encompasses all aspects

21. Marked For Greatness

21.1. markings=separation. destination

22. He's Blind For A Reason, You Know

22.1. blindness is never solely physical. the blind can see beyond.

23. It's Never Just Heart Disease And Rarely Just Illness

23.1. symbolic: heart=emotions therefore illness and disease are lyrical and metaphorical

24. Don't Read With Your Eyes

24.1. put aside your differences to find & understand the meaning behind the actions and consider time period & circumstance

25. It's My Symbol And I'll Cry If I Want To

25.1. the smallest things can symbolize something important