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Castles by Mind Map: Castles

1. Things you learn

1.1. You learn the parts of the castles

1.2. You learn the lifestyle of queens and kings

1.3. You learn facts about different and famous castles

2. Challenges

2.1. Find magical crown using clues.

2.2. You have to learn how to be a good queen or king.

2.3. There is little puzzles that are teach them little facts.

3. How To Play

3.1. It is a computer game for children.

3.2. You pick a digital character either a queen or a king.

3.3. You dress up your character before going on the quest to find the magical crown.

3.4. You get a map of the whole castle and you have to go to each place in the castle and in each place you nave to do a challenge before going to the next place.

3.5. When you have gone to all the places in the castles, you reach the crown!

4. How is this good for children?

4.1. Its fun and children play computer games so they will enjoy this game.

4.2. Instead of having a boring counter, you get to be a queen or king and dress your character

4.3. Its made for younger children but anyone can enjoy this game, its a fun game to sit with a parent to play together.