Systems Theory

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Systems Theory by Mind Map: Systems Theory

1. Biography of Bertalanffy

1.1. Born September 19, 1901 in Atzgerdorf, Austria

1.2. He studied philosophy of science and biology and eventually to study biology at the University of Vienna

1.3. He wrote the most famous book on the General Systems Theory

1.4. He also published the individual growth model

1.5. He died in Buffalo New York in 1972

2. History

2.1. Over time, systems theorists were trying to develop a theory that explained all system across all fields.

2.2. In 1936, Ludwig von Bertanlanffy developed the General Systems theory to solve this problem.

2.3. The theory was further developed by Ross Ashby in 1955

3. What Is General Systems Theory?

3.1. Is extremely generic and can be applicable to many different fields.

4. What Is General System?

4.1. A model of set of interrelated principles and concepts that explains an organizations complex entities.

5. GST Facts

5.1. System-environment boundary

5.2. Input

5.3. Output

5.4. Process

5.5. State

5.6. Hierarchy

5.7. Goal Directedness

5.8. Information

6. GST Herarchy

6.1. Symbolic Systems

6.2. Sociocultural Systems

6.3. Humans

6.4. Animals

6.5. Lower Organisms

6.6. Open Systems

6.7. Control Mechanisms

6.8. Clockworks

6.9. Static Structures