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Unit C by Mind Map: Unit C

1. how to have a well managed classroom

1.1. train students to know what they are to do

1.1.1. have students working on task don't waste time

2. how to have your classroom ready

2.1. prepare the classroom for effective work

2.1.1. maximize proximity to the students maximize proximity to the materials

3. how to introduce yourself to the class

3.1. cultivate a possitive reputation

3.1.1. comunicate with parents before school starts greet the students with possitive expectations have the seating assignment

4. How to arrange and assign seating

4.1. assign seating on the first day of school

4.1.1. has all the seats facing the teacher

5. how to post your assignments

5.1. post morning or class opening routine

5.1.1. have the assignment posted daily post the assignment in a consistent location teach the class where to find the assignment

6. rules

6.1. introduce your rules

6.1.1. involve students in creating rules have rules and procedures for any transition