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JOE by Mind Map: JOE

1. Memory loss

1.1. Paying bills

1.2. Loss of Job/Retirement

1.2.1. Continuing of Cognitive Deteriroration Stuborn Physical Abusive Suspicious

2. Family

2.1. Wife

2.2. Son

3. Initial Evaluation

3.1. Fully Alert

3.2. Cooperative

3.3. Obviously Anxiouse

3.4. Fidgety

3.5. Not oriented to place and time

3.6. Couldn't remember names of parents or siblings

3.7. Couldn't do simple calculations, write a sentence, or cope a drawling.

3.8. Laboratory Serum Studies

3.8.1. Showed no abnormalities

3.8.2. CT-Scan:showed marked cortical atrophy Dr. Diagnosis was Alzheimer's disease

4. Alzheimers's Disease

4.1. Nursing Diagnosis

4.1.1. Fear r/t decrease in functional abilities, public discloser of debilities, further mental/physical deteration AEB social isolation, apprehension, irritability, defensiveness, suspiciousness,aggressive behavior

4.1.2. Self care deficit r/t cognitive decline, physical limitations, frustration over loss of independence, depression, AEB impaired debility to preform ADL'S.

4.1.3. Risk for Injury risk factors may include changes in muscle coordination/balance, impaired judgment, seizure activity.

4.1.4. Risk for caregiver role strain risk factors may include illness severity of care receiver, duration of caregiving required, care receiver exhibiting, deviant/bizarre, behavior, family/caregiver isolation, lack of respite/ recreation, spouse is caregiver.

4.1.5. Grieving r/t awareness of something "being wrong," predisposition for anxiety and feeling of inadequacy, family perception of potential loss of loved one, possibly evidence by expressions of distress, anger at potential loss, choked feels, crying, alteration in activity level, communication patterns, eating habits, and sleep patterns.

4.2. Assessment

4.2.1. Congnition

4.2.2. Functional Capacity

4.2.3. Behavior

4.2.4. General Physical health

4.2.5. Quality of life

4.2.6. Caregiver Role