Emotional Stress among Children


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Emotional Stress among Children by Mind Map: Emotional Stress among Children

1. Emotional Stress

1.1. How it happen?

1.1.1. experiencing certains emotions

1.1.2. not capable to show love, anger and rejection

1.1.3. hard to communicate with others

1.1.4. have two or more emotions at one time

1.2. Emotionally disturb children

1.2.1. could not interact normally with other children

1.2.2. often shows inappropriate behaviour in normal situations

1.3. Factors

1.3.1. mental problems

1.3.2. family problems

1.3.3. nutrition intake

1.3.4. peer pressure

1.4. Ways to prevent

1.4.1. counselling sessions with psychologist or counsellor

1.4.2. career guidance

1.4.3. supports from parents

1.4.4. appropriate behavioural modification

1.4.5. exposure to ways of managing emotions

1.4.6. suitable classroom rules

1.4.7. students were given chance to recognise their own misbehaviour

2. Children's Right

2.1. Children's Right Convention 1989

2.1.1. give protection to child from : guarantee that children get their rights abandonment abuse exploitation

2.1.2. why this conventions is made? many countries have no legislation for children children's healthy development is vital children are vulnerable compared to adults children have no right to vote and impact in politics or economy

2.1.3. Principles Children should not be discriminated have rights to life and development the best interest in children's life should be a priority children should be given a chance to participate actively in matter concerning their life.

2.1.4. has made changes by : give recognition that every child have rights and freedom emphasis on children's best interest acknowledge that children have personalities that needed to be mold remind that children are not mature physically and mentally emphasis traditional values and cultures for children

2.1.5. Children have rights to : life protection development equity participation