Theories of Creativity

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Theories of Creativity by Mind Map: Theories of Creativity

1. Constructivist

1.1. JeanPiaget

1.1.1. Own learning and thinking

1.1.2. Building and problem solving

1.1.3. working together

1.1.4. Communication of thoughts and Feelings

1.1.5. Investigation and Experiment

1.1.6. level of cognitive development

2. Social Cultural

2.1. Lev Vygotsky

2.1.1. Interaction and Language

2.1.2. Actual Development without assistance

2.1.3. Potential Development with help

2.1.4. Interaction with others

2.1.5. Clear and consistent environment

2.1.6. Offering Choices

2.1.7. Providing Models

3. Social Cognitive

3.1. Albert Bandura

3.1.1. Social Interaction and thinking

3.1.2. Observing and Imitating models

3.1.3. Self-efficacy

3.1.4. Reviewing Portfolios

3.1.5. Goal-setting

3.1.6. Goal review conferences

4. Habits of Mind: I think I had to use: Persisting, Taking Responsible Risks, creating, Imagining and Innovating, and Thinking Flexibility. I had to learn how to use something new; I found challenges learning this app. I tried different apps and I ask question to my classmates. I tried to see how can I do this from different angles.