Y4U1 Who We Are Inquiry Cycle Ideas

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Y4U1 Who We Are Inquiry Cycle Ideas by Mind Map: Y4U1 Who We Are Inquiry Cycle Ideas

1. Finding Out

1.1. VAK Tables

1.2. VAK Survey

1.3. VAK Quiz

2. Sorting Out

2.1. What additional information do i need to find out?

2.2. How will this effect the way I learn in Lessons?

3. Taking Action

3.1. Share knowledge with their family

3.2. Ask family to complete VAK survey

4. Making Conclusions

4.1. Why it is important to be safe  and protect the brian.

4.2. How being ndividuali

5. Going Further

5.1. Brain Safety (Making Connections)

5.1.1. Jelly experiment

5.1.2. Wearing a helmet (Poster)

5.2. Taking care of your brain (health, water)

5.3. Perspective/Individuality

5.3.1. Famous people (Van Gough, Mark Zuckerberg /Facebook/Steve Jobs)

6. Tuning In

6.1. optical illusions - perspective

6.1.1. Discussion What do you see? Why do People view things differently? How are people different?

6.2. Prior Knowledge and What they want  to know?