The Big Three

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The Big Three by Mind Map: The Big Three

1. Woodrow Wilson

1.1. President of the USA.

1.2. Wilson thought fourteen points, to include in the peace treaty.

1.3. 1856 - 1946

1.4. Aims

1.4.1. Not to blame Germany for the war.

1.4.2. To create a League of Nations based on his Fourteen Points.

1.4.3. To ensure Germany wasn't destroyed.

1.5. Six of the fourteen points.

1.5.1. Setting up a League of Nations.

1.5.2. Disarmament Germany.

1.5.3. Freedom for colonies

1.5.4. Freedom of the seas

1.5.5. Free trade

1.5.6. Self-determination for the people of Europe (The right to rule themselves).

1.6. USA Flag

2. George Clemençeau

2.1. Prime Minister of France

2.2. He was one of the principal architects of the Treaty of Versailles at the France Peace Conference of 1919.

2.3. 1841 - 1929

2.4. Aims

2.4.1. Wanted to punished Germany.

2.4.2. Return Alsace-Lorraine to France.

2.4.3. No League of Nations.

2.4.4. Independent Rhineland.

2.4.5. Disband the German army (To don't be too strong to invade France again).

2.5. France Flag

3. David Lloyd George

3.1. Prime Minister of Britain

3.2. He saved the conference, persuading Clemançeau and Loyde George.

3.3. 1863- 1945

3.4. Aims

3.4.1. Land for Great Britain

3.4.2. To protect the Naval Supremacy of Great Britain.

3.4.3. To made Germany paid, but let them strong enough for trade.

3.5. Great Britain flag

4. The Big Three participated in The Peace treaty of the Palace of Versailles, Paris on 1919.

4.1. This treaty consisted on punished the defeated countries of the First War World. Especially Germany

4.2. 33 countries were supposed to go the Peace Treaty.

4.3. The most importants countries were France, USA and Great Britain