The Big Three

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The Big Three by Mind Map: The Big Three

1. Great Britain

1.1. David Lloyd George

1.1.1. He was born in 1863

1.1.2. He had a view between Georges Clemencau and Woodrow Wilson

1.1.3. He wanted to avoid future wars

1.1.4. He wanted Germany to be punished but not too harshly

1.1.5. Before the war, Great Britain traded things with Germany People didn't like this but it gave them jobs

2. USA

2.1. Woodrow Wilson

2.1.1. He was born in 1856

2.1.2. He believed that nations could work together to achieve world peace

2.1.3. He wanted the war to end fairly

2.1.4. He wanted to avoid future wars

2.1.5. He wanted different eastern european people to be free from Austria-Hungary

2.1.6. He concentrated on keeping USA out of the war

2.1.7. Most historians said that he talked about eastern and central Europe without knowing much

2.1.8. He was very ill during parts of the Conference

2.1.9. He didn't have a good relationship with Clemencau

2.1.10. Once USA entered the war, he created the Fourteen Points to end the war fairly Most people didn't agree with the Fourteen Points

2.1.11. He thought that nations could rule themselves

3. France

3.1. Georges Clemencau

3.1.1. He was born in 1841 He was 77 years old when he was in the Conference

3.1.2. He wanted Germany to be treated harshly He made a treaty to make Germany as weak as possible

3.1.3. He didn't want Germany to invide France again Most of the people was affected

3.1.4. He thought that Great Britain and USA wouldn't want Germany to break into smaller states

3.1.5. He didn't have a good relationship with Wilson