Direct and Grammar-translation Methods.

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Direct and Grammar-translation Methods. by Mind Map: Direct and Grammar-translation Methods.

1. G-T M.  students have to translate word by word to learn about the form of the target language.

2. Direct Method diferences from grammar-translation method.

3. Grammar-translation method differences from Direct Method

4. G.M. The exeriences are asks to translate into Spanish.

5. G.M. The teacher replies differents questions.

6. D.M Experiences is what person observe in the class.

7. D.M. The teacher points to the part of the topic.

8. D.M The teacher ask if they have any doubts.

9. D.M Students should not translate into Spanish.

10. D.M The teacher uses the target language to ask students.

11. D.M This technique is based in demostrate.

12. D.M Vocabulary is is acquire more naturally.

13. D.M. Students should be encoraged to speak much as possible.

14. D.M The porpuse of this is students learn how to communicate.

15. D.M. although the teacher direct the class activity teacher.student more like a partners.

16. D.M Students need to asociate meaning.

17. D.M. Areas emphazised, vocabulary over grammar.

18. D.M. students native language should not be use in the classsroom.

19. D.M. Try to get students to self-correct.

20. G-T M. The teacher asks students in their native language.

21. G.M. The exeriences are asks to translate into Spanish.

22. G-T M. The primary skills to be developed are reading and writing.

23. G-T M. students memorized vocabulary.

24. G-T M.  the porpuse of this is to be able to read literature written in target language.

25. G-T M. The teacher is the authority.

26. G-T M. Students are taught to translate from other language.

27. G-T M. areas emphasized vocabulary and grammar. Reading and writting.

28. G-T M. Students native language cantranslate from target language.

29. G-T M. Test

30. G-T M. Teachers supply them with the correct answer.

31. D.M: More oral evaluatons