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#YOLO by Mind Map: #YOLO

1. Tagline(s):

1.1. "You only live once, so cherish every moment of it."

1.1.1. "You only live once, so work hard and aim for your dreams."

2. 2 characters:

2.1. Ballerina

2.1.1. Rapper

3. Ballerina Scene

3.1. Start of with voice over

3.1.1. - The scene starts off seeing a ballerina practicing her ballet at a corridor of a hall. After practice, she then goes down and come across a flyer on talent show that is happening on campus

3.1.2. The scene continues when she starts thinking of signing up for the talent show. * STORY SHIFTS TO ANOTHER CHARACTER*

4. Rapper Scene

4.1. - The scene starts off seeing the rapper practicing his rap in the studio and after hours of practicing and writing his lyrics, he still couldn't find his muse.

4.1.1. - The scene continues when he goes out of the studio to clear his mind and also come across the same flyer and thought of joining too.

5. Last Scene

5.1. - The scene takes place in a hall where the Ballerina practices for the last time for the audition and the Rapper came in to see who's practicing.

5.1.1. - Suddenly the ballerina's cd isn;t working and the rapper realizes it and gives her a hand but nothing works. - The ballerina thought of giving up at that point - However, the rapper feels bad and gives an idea to help her out with her performance. - The next scene shows during the audition and both of them did their very best and FIN.

6. Teamwork Scene

6.1. - Rapper's struggling to find words for his new song.

6.2. Ballerina comes to help him out

6.2.1. They get along together Ballerina watches a dance video and tries out the steps then fall.

6.3. Rapper helps her out.

7. Connection Scene

7.1. - The rapper and ballerina met when one of their flyers slipped to the ground and the rapper hands it to the ballerina.

7.2. Start of with his music and videos and him rapping in the recording video