How is new media different from traditional media?

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How is new media different from traditional media? by Mind Map: How is new media different from traditional media?

1. can be accessed on most device

1.1. Content is published and filtered by users

1.1.1. Putting an end to gatekeepers

2. anytime, anywhere (mobile phones, iPads, tablets)

3. exchange in dialogue between producers/produsers and audiences

4. easily accessible via many different platforms on digital media

4.1. smartphones, computers, tablets, etc.

5. Easier to access

6. Changes from 'one to many' to 'many to many'

6.1. cheaper to produce

6.1.1. advertising

7. new media is flexible

7.1. possible merging of multiple types of media

7.2. traditional media is monologous

7.3. flexible for changes

8. unstructured communication

9. Able to be accessed through various devices

10. Wide access

11. no boundary

12. portable

13. informal language

13.1. emojis & stickers

13.2. internet slang

14. Fast access at any location

15. User-generated content

15.1. users are no longer just consuming media, but creating as well

16. real time creation

17. Consumers become producers as well

18. new platform

19. Sharing of knowledge becomes easy

20. transparent

21. new media use social media as a customer service based

22. Far more users

23. Produsers

24. two way communication

25. advertising space not restricted in terms of space and form