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1. what can twitter do for a brand?

1.1. advertising

1.2. communicate with costumers

1.3. create popularity for brand launch

1.4. establish image

1.5. let people know this brand is trustable

1.6. handle complaints

1.7. generate traffic

1.8. brand exposure to general public

1.9. seek both good and bad feedbacks from the consumers

1.10. brand will also ask people to retweets them.

1.11. pushing brands through twitter

1.12. If a brand post a wide images , it will catch attention , and followers will retweets.

2. what can twitter do for a person/user?

2.1. Negative

2.1.1. addictive

2.1.2. can cause defamation to a certain person

2.1.3. cyberbullying may occur

2.1.4. decrease the productivity of a person

2.1.5. narcissism (personality trait)- constant update about their life

2.1.6. used for ranting

2.2. Positive

2.2.1. can talk to people around the world.

2.2.2. get the latest news on whats happening in the world

2.2.3. heightens one's self esteem

2.2.4. allows everyone to have a support network

2.2.5. Breaking news service

2.2.6. they can share their mind to others.

2.2.7. participate in topic discussions

2.2.8. know what's trending and get info

2.2.9. People use twitter to pass time

2.2.10. get to personalise source of information

2.2.11. acts as an emotional outlet

2.2.12. to access celebrities' life