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Blog by Mind Map: Blog

1. KEYS?

1.1. Proper grammar & spelling

1.1.1. Helps to make articles more professional and credible

1.2. Include images

1.2.1. provides the readers visuals allow them to understand better helps grab their attention

1.3. Must have structure

1.3.1. Layout of article readers can follow the flow of the post

1.4. Make it Memorable

1.4.1. viral content

1.5. Length

1.5.1. Not too long, not too short

1.6. Internal linking

1.6.1. Relevant links that may interest the readers

1.6.2. Link into "deeper" pages

1.7. Unique Content

1.7.1. stand out from other blogs

2. WHAT?

2.1. Use of images

2.2. specification

2.2.1. Having a single focus on a particular matter relevant to the person.

2.3. Integrity

2.3.1. Stay true to the blog's true values

2.4. attention

2.4.1. Importance of making content truthfully appealing to readers or viewers.

2.5. Internal linking

2.5.1. The deeper the link is within your site, the better.

2.6. Structure

2.6.1. Introduction

2.6.2. Points

2.6.3. Conclusion

2.7. Unique Content

2.7.1. Attractive, one of a kind content

2.8. Attention to use of language

2.8.1. Good spelling and grammar makes for a good blog