How is new media different from traditional media?

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How is new media different from traditional media? by Mind Map: How is new media different from traditional media?

1. Format of delivery

2. can be accessed anytime, anywhere

3. New Media : access to a wider audience

4. Multimedia

4.1. various ways of sharing information to audience

5. Efficient

6. Traditional Media: Closed System New Media: Open System

7. Real time creation (New Media) ; Pre-produced / Schedule (Traditional Media)

8. new media: bottom-up strategy ; traditional media: top-down strategy

9. Many to many communication

10. New Media: Authentic content Traditional Media: Polished content

11. New Media: One-on-one marketing. Traditional Media: Mass Marketing

12. free platform vs paid platform

13. Content creation and distribution

13.1. New Media is cheaper

14. Vast audience reach

15. Transparency

16. New Media: Informal Language. Traditional Media: Formal Language.

17. User generated content

18. Traditional media has higher cost than new media

19. Publishing Model

19.1. Traditional media used to filter then publish

19.1.1. New media publish then filter

20. more reliable

21. digital form

21.1. environmental friendly

21.2. convenient

22. New Media: Anyone can produce/deliver content to a public audience. Traditional Media: only the publisher or certain organisation can produce the content.

23. Community decision making

24. Information Control

24.1. Gatekeeping (Traditional Media)

24.1.1. Gatewatching (New Media)

25. new media: unstructured communication ; traditional media: controlled communication

26. one on one marketing

27. Flexible

28. No limitation