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Youtube by Mind Map: Youtube

1. Q1. How Youtube has changed the entertainment and news industry?

1.1. Alternative news

1.1.1. TestTube news

1.2. More variety

1.2.1. More types of entertainment besides music

1.3. News can be viewed at any time

1.4. F L E X I B I L I T Y (entertainment)

1.4.1. People do not have to wait for their favourite show to come on but can search for it instantly.

2. Q2: With the introduction of live broadcasting feature on Youtube, what are the possible challenges and opportunities faced by marketers

2.1. Challanges

2.1.1. Users can choose to leave the broadcast any time Marketers lose viewers

2.1.2. Censorship Some Youtube channel are not available in certain country

2.1.3. unpredictable situations WiFi can disconnect causing the video to delay.

2.2. Opportunities

2.2.1. Media content can be viewed at the same timing

2.2.2. Products can be seen and reached by all users

2.2.3. new marketing strategy giveaways real product testing