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Twitter by Mind Map: Twitter

1. Q1: What can twitter do for a brand?

1.1. Promoting the brand from the retweets of the followers.

1.2. A platform to get feedback from their consumers and give instant response to them.

1.3. Opportunity as an extension of messaging and culture.

1.4. Worldwide promote without using money.

1.5. Update about brand information frequently to increase brand loyalty

1.6. Interact with followers in order to have good relations.

1.7. Increase sales and make profit

1.8. Help promote their brand to all Twitter feeds

1.9. Create a clear and consistent brand.

2. Q2: What can twitter do for a person/ user?

2.1. Voice out their opinion

2.2. A better understanding of how to weave together all things social.

2.3. Be updated about the latest news as Twitter spreads news the fastest

2.4. Connect with friends and able to know their current situation

2.5. Fine resource for tracking online trends

2.6. Able to communicate with several celebrities

2.7. By using hashtags, or following certain conversations, users can become part of a community that grows and gets personal on Twitter.

2.8. See what other people think about certain topics.

2.9. Self promote ( exp: Trump and Clinton, both of the US presidential candidate promote themselves on Twitter to get more voters.