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Twitter by Mind Map: Twitter

1. What can twitter do for a brand?

1.1. Twitter is still one of the most active social sites on the planet. Its fast-paced feed and real-time conversations make it one of the world’s favorite networking sites for both individuals and businesses.

1.2. The verified blue stick helps a brand to ensure that they are authentic.

1.3. Position yourself as a thought leader. Regardless of the market, businesses can use Twitter’s platform to position themselves as industry experts.

1.4. Ambassador who are actor/actress can help one brand promote it to their followers using tweeter by re-tweeting to friends

1.5. Boosting a brand by trending the new product  using hashtag (#) on an event.

1.6. Use direct messages sparingly. Direct messages have fallen out of favor with many who use Twitter for business.

1.7. Get customer feedback from Twitter Polls

2. What can twitter do for a person/user?

2.1. Communication

2.2. Users able to spread breaking news by tweeting and retweeting tweets.

2.3. Promote via social media

2.4. Twitter allows users to track online trends through Hashtags

2.5. big stars can gain followers and provide them on latest information regarding their lifestyle

2.6. people who are in fashion industry can easily promote their item by posting a tweet for others to re-tweet it to another person

2.7. Discover news and articles

2.8. Get inspiration or motivation from other Twitter users