Direct Method vs Grammar Method

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Direct Method vs Grammar Method by Mind Map: Direct Method vs Grammar Method

1. Direct Method

1.1. Features

1.2.  By this method it is possible to establish a direct association between the experience and expression, which should be one of the features of direct method.

1.3. There should be no use of mother tongue. It should be reduced to a minimum or almost the hearing and speaking of English.

1.4.  The third quality of this method is that every sentence, which is complete, is a unit only; it is a means of expressing ideas.

1.5. The direct method emphasizes the oral aspects of teaching. Spoken words should be made the basis and as far as possible the medium of instruction.

1.6.  In the direct method grammar is taught inductively rather than deductively.  There is a focus on everyday vocabulary

2. Similiatires

2.1. Both focus in everyday spoken language

2.2. Student learns by associating meaning directly in English

2.3. Both can use grammar in the learning process.

3. Grammar Method

3.1. Features

3.2.  In this method mother tongue is involve

3.3.  Vocabulary items are taught in the form of word lists.

3.4.  Elaborate explanations of gramma

3.5. Focus on the morphology and syntax.

3.6. Reading of difficult texts early in the course. 

3.7. Practice focuses on exercises translating sentences or texts from mother tongue to the target language and vice versa.