FS2U1 Unit Links Conceptual Lens: Routines

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FS2U1 Unit Links Conceptual Lens: Routines by Mind Map: FS2U1 Unit Links Conceptual Lens: Routines

1. Mathematics

1.1. How many in our class? How many boys? How many girls? Counting different combinations?

1.2. Shapes - school model

1.3. shape hunt - classroom and school

1.4. number hunt - classroom and school

1.5. graphing - school transport, car colour, favourite activities

2. Literacy

2.1. Labelling

2.1.1. maps

2.1.2. teachers pics

2.1.3. student pics

2.1.4. resources

2.1.5. parts of the school

2.1.6. school routines

2.2. lists

2.2.1. who can we find in this area?

2.2.2. school activities

2.2.3. people we know

2.2.4. places we go

2.2.5. friends

2.3. captions

2.3.1. paintings/drawings

2.3.2. photographs

3. Personal and Social Development

3.1. speaking to unfamiliar people

3.2. following routines

3.3. adhering to class/school boundaries and expectation

4. Expressive Arts and Design

4.1. portraits of staff

4.2. roleplaying of roles in the school

4.3. creating props to support role play

5. Understanding the world

5.1. What school do I go to? Where is it in my world?

5.2. Why are we here and what do we do?

5.3. Whole school routines

5.4. Where is our school in UAE? In the world?

5.5. Whole school routines

5.6. Who are the staff and what are their roles?

5.7. Who can we go to for help?

5.8. Different routines/activities for different spaces

5.9. Aursmas

5.10. Shadow puppet

5.11. pic collage

5.12. photographs

6. Communication and language

6.1. interview staff around the school

6.2. reporting back to others about what they have found out

6.3. aurasmas - interviews

6.4. shadow puppet for routines

6.5. morning - national anthem singing

7. physical development

7.1. build parts of the school/places we visit

7.2. creating props for different people/roles

7.3. 3D AJAC

8. Music