Y5U1 Inquiry Cycle Ideas

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Y5U1 Inquiry Cycle Ideas by Mind Map: Y5U1 Inquiry Cycle Ideas

1. Finding Out

1.1. Where might I find more information? iPad research, books, library, news reports to reflect on choices and consequences

1.2. what keywords would I use? conflict, resolution, consequence, choice

1.3. Where can I find different points of view on this subject? Interviews with family,friends, staff looking at different choices and Consequences

1.3.1. Children write an end to a story from a consequence starter showing the 2 different consequences to an event.

1.4. What are my questions -reflect on mind map what do I want to know?

2. Sorting Out

2.1. Wants/Needs choices cards

2.2. Identifying patterns in consequences of good and bad choices

2.2.1. Making posters

2.2.2. Identifying past choices that we would now change

2.3. Identifying and writing about how a personal good choice has let to good consequences - demonstrating new understanding on the depth of consequences.

2.3.1. Mindmaps

2.4. keep a diary of your food, activity, and sleep for 3 days - reflect and make goals to improve

3. Taking Action

3.1. How have my thoughts changed?

3.2. Consequences of events - how to choose

3.3. Presenting and publishing iBooks about their goals and choices they will need to make in life

4. Making Conclusions

4.1. Create an iBook about their life goals and what choices they will need to attain them

4.2. Begin writing a persuasive piece about saving the rainforests

5. Going Further

5.1. sinking boat choices - who lives?

5.2. Choices boardgame

5.3. Researching what they wonder about the topic

5.4. Creating a balanced meal - healthy choices

6. Tuning In

6.1. What do we already know?

6.2. What do you want to know?

6.3. Class book - choices characters make

6.4. 2 paths writing story - which did you choose? what were the consequences?

6.5. round robin - fortune tellers, treasure hunt, board games, beebot paths

6.6. I saw a think I wonder activity with pictures of healthy unhealthy choices

6.7. Mind map of healthy and unhealthy choices

6.8. write 2 recounts one of when they made a wing choice and one of when they made a right choice. what were the consequences, how did it make them feel?