Y6U1 Inquiry Cycle Ideas

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Y6U1 Inquiry Cycle Ideas by Mind Map: Y6U1 Inquiry Cycle Ideas

1. Finding Out

1.1. Role models in school

1.1.1. Interview/talk with Mr. Iraakli

1.2. Media

1.2.1. Use of role models in advertising how "famous" people influence us Positive/negative role models

1.3. Cultural

1.3.1. different countries have different role models values of countries influence their role models

2. Sorting Out

2.1. Family/friends role models

2.2. Our role models

2.3. How do we determine our role models

2.4. How do our role models help us to make better choices.

2.5. How can we be role models.

3. Taking Action

3.1. Roles Models mini exhibition

4. Making Conclusions

4.1. Research a role model who is important to them, state how the role model has had an impact on their life and how it causes them to live differently. Living Museum presentation.

5. Going Further

5.1. Student council

5.2. Leading by example

5.3. Living with integrity

6. Tuning In

6.1. Real life 'Role models' SKYPE (did not happen)

6.2. 'Gallery walk' of role models - in breakout area + ?

6.3. KWL - What are the characteristics of a role model (IBLP) - not just celebs.