Y1U1 Inquiry Cycle Ideas

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Y1U1 Inquiry Cycle Ideas by Mind Map: Y1U1 Inquiry Cycle Ideas

1. Finding Out (What is new to learn?)

1.1. five senses: smell, hear, taste, touch, see

1.2. using the five senses to be safe

1.3. five senses: vocabulary

1.4. exploring how others adapt with missing senses (i.e. deaf, blind, braille)

2. Sorting Out (How can I use my knowledge?)

2.1. range of different experiments using senses (i.e. smelling cups, sugar and salt, quiet and loud, feely bags, I spy,

2.2. creating a book about their own senses (i.e. recording sheets for the different senses)

2.3. class photo book of senses used throughout the school (i.e. iPads?)

3. Taking Action

3.1. Is our school ready for someone who might have a missing sense? Deaf or blind.  Brainstorm how things are good and how we might make some changes.

4. Making Conclusions

4.1. photographs and choosing the senses used (TPT)

4.2. PicCollages of their senses and labelling the pictures (literacy)

4.3. The senses are linked and multiple senses are used when one sense is used

4.4. Appreciating that others might have senses that are disabled or gone...what are the implications?

4.5. How can I/We help others who might have disbablitilies

5. Going Further (How can I expand my knowledge?)

5.1. classes set

5.2. making a musical instrument

5.3. Possibly skipping or having someone who is blind or deaf visit the classrooms, so they can share personal experiences...more understanding instead of watching videos or reading in books...deeper understanding

6. Tuning In (What do I think I know?)

6.1. popcorn

6.2. Parts of your body - what are they used for\labelling

6.3. name the five senses