Roadmap to the USA

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Roadmap to the USA by Mind Map: Roadmap to the USA

1. 5. The French and Indian War from 1754 to 1763: France wanted to keep expanding into new territories such as the Ohio River valley. The cause to the war was because they wanted to move west and both the French and the english claimed the Ohio River.  The effect of the war was that they were in a lot of debt and they were needing someone to pay for it.

2. 4. The Daughters of Liberty: The daughters of Liberty was a group that was political problems. This was similar to the sons of liberty, except that the daughters of liberty was created as a response to unfair British taxation in the colonies especially the Townshend acts.The Daughters of liberty supported and popularized revolutionary ideas.  They organized boycotts and helped support a patriotic american spirit.

3. 2. The second continental congress: The second continental congress is a meeting that was designed before the first continental congress. The agreed to meet again during the first congress meeting. But the were meeting because of the intolerable acts and for  the Boston tea party.  they felt that they were unjust so they convened again to talk about them

4. 8. The Quartering Act of 1775: this was when The British Parliament passed laws where the people were forced to  house the soldiers and provide food for them.  The Cause of the Quartering act was because they were mad at the colonists for the Boston tea party. The effect of the Quartering act was that this was only fueling the anger of the colonists

5. 6. The Sons of liberty: The Sons of liberty was an organization that was a secret organization that spread to different colonies after the stamp act was issued. The purpose was supposed to force them from stop buying the printed products. They idea was for them to organize and boycott British goods.

6. 11.The stamp act of 1764: The stamp act was an act that was a tax on anything postal such as letters. They needed to place a tax on something because they needed to pay for the french and indian war and they wanted the colonists to pay for it.  the effect of the stamp act was that the colonists were angry because they felt that they deserved to have the same rights as the British.

7. 7. The Boston Tea party of 1770:  The Boston Tea Party allowed the British East Indian company to sell tea directly to the colonists,  The idea was to lower the price of tea and encourage colonists to stop smuggling tea so they could have more tax money. As a result the colonists disguised as indians and sneaked onto the ships and dumped all of the tea into the harbor.

8. 12. The Boston Massacre: The Boston massacre was because the people did not like the presence of the British troops and thought of them as the enemy.  The soldiers were aware that they were thought of as the enemy and that they were not welcome.  An argument started between A soldier and one of the people and he shot him.  A crown gather around and people started throwing things. The eventually more soldiers came and they started to fire their weapons into a crowd of unarmed people and ended up killing some of them.

9. 14. The First Continental Congress of 1774: The First continental congress was because of the action of the closing down of the Boston harbor.  What the effect o the First Continental congress did was gathered the colonial leaders who's goal was to state the colonists concerns to the king to be fixed. Then the declaration of Rights soon came into play

10. 9. The Townshend acts of 1767: The Townshend Acts placed tax placed on glass, lead, paper, and tea. The used officials to enforce the laws.  The enforcers also were looking for smuggled goods.  The effect of the Townshend acts was that the colonists hated them because it took power away from the government that they created so then they started to boycott certain british goods

11. 13. the Interable acts: The inferable acts were put into place because of the Boston Tea party. The result of the Boston Tea party caused them to close down the ports in Massachusetts and the boston harbor.  they also banned the committees of correspondence and then added into the quartering acts.

12. 1. The declaration of independence: The declaration of independence severed all ties with britian in the eyes of the colonists.  This was written by Thomas Jefferson and then it was signed.  This stated all of the things that that they believed they should be.  They ordered the continental congress to write this.

13. 10. The sugar act: The sugar act was passed by British parliament of Great Britain. This was a ta that was put on sugar and molasses.  They used lots of sugar to make beverages.  The Sugar act also connects to the navigation acts because they go hand and hand.

14. 3. The Proclamation of 1763:The Proclamation of 1763 was because the British leaders feared that more fighting would take place.  The effect of the proclamation was that the laws banned the British settlement west of the Appalachian mountains.  The British and the English both wanted claimed that land and this was saying that they had it.