The Dragon's Lair

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The Dragon's Lair by Mind Map: The Dragon's Lair

1. Home

1.1. Home: This page will be a general introduction to the site and offer some information about what the site has to offer. It will allows contain, easily displayed, the links to the other parts of the site.

1.1.1. Logos: This will be used to create the logo of the website, giving it that good ol' fashioned sparkle.

1.1.2. Digital editing will be used to make a sort of background to the homepage and the general pages.

2. New to the d20 System?

2.1. New to the d20 System?: This page will be the beginner's guide to Dungeons and Dragons, as well as the various d20 systems out there. This, much like the various handbooks, will act a template to getting into the game.

2.1.1. Video: Videos will be made that have Dungeon Masters and players not only discussing, in great detail, various confusing parts of the 3 and 3.5 systems of D&D, but also videos of play sessions, which will give newbies a look at what it will be like to play the game.

3. Homebrew Concepts and Ideas

3.1. Homebrew Concepts and Ideas: This section will allow the creativity of the community to flow, as it will be a collection of various races, classes, equipment, etc. that will be of free use to the d20 community to use in their campaigns

3.1.1. Blog: This will be how the various ideas and concepts are stored, for the easy access of those who wish to use them.

4. The Share Corner

4.1. The Share Corner: This is a sort of companion piece to the Homebrew Concepts and Ideas area, for this allows the community to speak about the ideas there, offer input on how to make them better, and genuinely turn this into a community of Dungeon Masters and Players.

4.1.1. Google Forms: This will act as the poll area for the players, with polls being both random weekly ones and ones decided by the majority as being necessary enough to require a vote.

4.1.2. Social Media: A social media page will also allow quick and efficient communication between the various people using the site.

5. Contact a Dungeon Master

5.1. Contact a Dungeon Master: Dungeon Masters willing to give tutelage and advice to all will be posted in this area, allowing people to get assistance when they are in a tough spot.

5.1.1. App: A creation of an app that acts a sort of messenger would be beneficial to the speed of this area.

5.1.2. QR Code: Allows easy sharing of the site and its, most likely, most crucial feature.

6. Helpful DM and Player Tools

6.1. Helpful DM and Player Tools: This bit will be for DMs and Players a sort of "cheat sheet" when it comes to various DCs, spells and spell types, currency exchange, etc.

6.1.1. Infographics: Allows easy relaying of the previously stated information.

7. Tagline: "Where gods and their players meet to iron out the dungeoneering forge!"

8. Reference Page

8.1. Reference Page: Area to store all things I used that I did not create and the such.