Special Education

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Special Education by Mind Map: Special Education

1. Ways you can help

1.1. There will be a link for people to tell their stories of certain situations they have been through and what they did to fix it.

1.1.1. Every time someone emails their story, we will email them a flyer of our website and have an option for them to type in the flyer (before printing out) of an example of a situation or advice, learning activity and explain to go on this website for many advice or help after they would print it out and put it somewhere local

2. updates

2.1. We will have updates for more learning activities and the emails and facts that are good to be on the page that i know will help others.

2.1.1. I would make an app that will send notifications of updates of the Facebook page or notifications of the website updating also the app will have an option to message with people that are going the same situation anonymously or public

3. Home

3.1. The home page will have attention grabbers talking about information of special education advice and learning activities that will help their learning disability

3.1.1. There will be a video talking about the basics of the page and mixture of small previews that will be on the page all in one video showing that their will be prime examples of the learning examples and many of them

3.1.2. The logo for the website will be a clipboard and a pencil on top of it the pencil will have words written on it saying "special ed" and the clipboard will have the words "learning activity"

4. About

4.1. The about page will have a bunch of links of different kind of special education for example; down syndrome, autism etc. for different learning activities that will help

4.1.1. I will make a google doc that will have activities from people around the world use for special ed that they can fill out and put their name and the state they are from or it could say "anonymous"

4.1.2. I will make business cards to put in schools or day cares to point out my website or send emails to local teachers around the world.

5. Contact

5.1. The contact page will have people that have been through certain common situations with special child or adult that have been to the "ways to help" link that have shared their stories and that are willing to help, their contact information (email) will be on the page so anyone can email them questions that is not on the page and will be shared just in case someone has the same question

5.1.1. On the business cards their will be my email and 3 phone numbers of people that volunteered to share their stories/struggles advice and to mention to look on the page and click on the link for the Facebook page and mention on the tools like the apps and links of every debility that is common or not common on the page

6. What we offer

6.1. This page will explain the learning activities for the common disabilities and facts and advice of what to do when something happens

6.1.1. screencast: I will create a Facebook page for the website  (social media) to show all the people who the website helped and have them write what helped them.

7. Learning activities/advice for special education babysitter, teachers, friends, adults etc.