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Fancy Photos by Mind Map: Fancy Photos

1. gallery/portfolio

1.1. sports pics, landscape pics, special event pics, etc.

1.1.1. High resolution photos only

1.2. This tab on my website would be show casing all my photos and projects/events that I have been apart of. It will show all my pictures from sporting events, to just taking fun pictures of my friends. I want it to show all that I can do and make people want me to take pictures at their events and/ or of them.

2. Photo tips

2.1. videos

2.2. tutorials

2.3. This tab in my website would be a place where up and coming photographers could go to get photography tips to improve their work. I want my website to not only showcase my work, but encourage others to want to learn and develop their own skills as well.

3. My contact info

3.1. This tab would just be basic information about how to get in contact with me for photos or with any questions someone may have for me.

4. About page

4.1. about me

4.1.1. about the site

4.2. This part of my website would be a page explaining who I am, how I got into photography and my inspirations. It would also tell about the website, like its purposes, about each category of photos and so forth.

5. References

5.1. References will include people I have worked with, mentors, and the cited works of the videos I will upload.