Making Someone Smile

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Making Someone Smile by Mind Map: Making Someone Smile

1. Compliments

1.1. How compliments act towards people

1.1.1. Explain why we should give people compliments

2. Boys

2.1. Have compliments that boys like

3. Girls

3.1. Have compliments for girls

3.1.1. Something that could make their day

4. Home

4.1. Importance of a smile

4.1.1. Give small details

5. About

5.1. How does this page help people in life

5.2. Why should people visit this page

5.2.1. What makes it do life changing

5.3. Have at least four pictures

6. Social Media

6.1. Could find this webpage on social media

6.2. Webpage could have its on page on social media

6.2.1. Facebook

6.2.2. Instagram

6.2.3. Twitter

7. Contact Information

7.1. How to contact me

7.1.1. Ask me about how this webpage has helped their situation

8. Stories

8.1. Stories of how these small things have helped

8.2. Stories of how the small things in life make a big difference

8.2.1. Link to take a survey to see if webpage was eddective