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dogs n blogs by Mind Map: dogs n blogs

1. About

1.1. The page will provide basic background information about the Oliveros family and share how we grew our love for dogs

1.1.1. Photos: images of our home and family

2. Leonidas

2.1. Information on the bull terrier breed and background knowledge on how we rescued him & updated pictures of him

2.1.1. Photo Editing: Pictures posted weekly to show his daily activities and how his day goes.

2.1.2. Video: Daily activities with the other dogs/ going to the park

3. Boozer

3.1. Also share information on pitbull mix breeds and share awareness how they are a misunderstood species as well as share how he became a part of our pack

3.1.1. Inforgraphics: Graphs showing how pounds and shelters are over crowded and mainly with pit bulls or something within the bloodline

4. Bear

4.1. Information on the mastiff bread and how he has been the only dog we don't rescue but got him for a meaningful reason

4.1.1. Video Animation: Make a clip on how bear has progressed into the mighty giant he is since he has been the only dog we got to see as a pup.

4.2. Information on who and where we bought him from as well as how to safely shop online for pets

5. Home

5.1. Brief yet catching things about our dogs

5.1.1. Logo: I will include the olive pac logo on all pages of the site

5.1.2. Photos: Adding fun and interesting pictures that could catch the viewers attention

5.1.3. Social Media: Adding a link to the instagram page

6. Olive Diet

6.1. This page will include items such the dogs favorite treats and what there diet is looking like. It might even have some information on how to teach your dogs how to share and not be aggressive over food.

6.1.1. Google Forms: Create survey on whether r to they think the food is a healthy choice and if the could share what they like to feed their dogs foods/treats