Unauthorized Immigrant Experience ITS:  In Their Shoes

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Unauthorized Immigrant Experience ITS:  In Their Shoes by Mind Map: Unauthorized Immigrant Experience ITS:  In Their Shoes

1. Home

1.1. My home page will be very brief indicating what my website is about, and it will include an activity right up front for visitors to complete.

1.1.1. Logo- I will create a logo and include it on each page of my website.

1.1.2. Digital Photo Editing-  I will use this technology to add to the visual appeal of this section.

1.1.3. Google Form- I will use this technology to allow users to take a survey. I want this to be on the first page because I want people to give their current impressions about illegal immigration. Then as they go further into the website, perhaps their impressions will change.

2. Perspective

2.1. This page will help lay some historical foundation. My hope is that this page will encourage visitors to view this subject from a different perspective, and maybe provide information that they were unaware of.

2.1.1. Infographics-  I will use infographics here to organize, and to make more interesting, some of the historical events (such as politics and laws) that helped shape "why" immigrants come to the U.S. illegally.

3. Stories

3.1. My stories page can include my personal stories/experiences or stories about unauthorized immigrants.

3.1.1. Video/Animation Editing- I will create a Powtoon animation to share a story here.

4. Empathy and Respect

4.1. I want this page to have some impact in terms of visitors of my site experiencing what it's like for the millions of people who are living here illegally.

4.1.1. Screencast- I will use the screencast technology here again to include an interview with a person who has experience being an unauthorized immigrant.

5. About

5.1. My "About" page will give more detail about the website. It will include information about why I chose to create this site.

5.1.1. Graphic Design and QR Codes- I will design a flyer for this page that addresses each of the items I listed in my "About" page description. Included will be a QR Code that will connect users to my website right from their mobile device.

5.1.2. Screencast- I will create a screencast on this page that helps explain the "about" and the navigation of my website.

6. Contact

6.1. My "Contact" page will provide my contact information, and may include a Blog section so people can participate with comments or questions about this site.

6.1.1. Mobile App Prototype- I will design a mobile app that includes several pages from my site, along with the ability for users to take the survey and contact me. I will place access to this app on my Contact page.

6.1.2. I will include a contact form, a photograph, my strategic planning map (hyperlink), and my references page (hyperlink).

7. ITS; IN THEIR SHOES; INTHESHADOWS; Unauthorized Immigrant Experience. Unauthorized Immigrants from Mexico, Middle and South America. Informative website that gives an honest perspective, while encouraging empathy and understanding. Why are we where we are on this issue as a nation?

8. Blog

8.1. This page will allow visitors to write their own entries or respond to my blog posts.

8.1.1. Social Media- I will create an interactive Blog page here, and I will post my first blog story.