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English by Mind Map: English

1. Teacher

1.1. Mrs. Nebel

2. Books

2.1. The Giver

2.1.1. Lois Lowrey Ideas Perfect World No emotions No decisions

2.1.2. Book Report Did you like the idea of the Giver? Would you choose to live in the "perfect world"?

2.2. Stargirl

2.2.1. Jerri Spenelli Ideas Fitting In Choosing Friends Being Different

2.2.2. Worksheets Vocabulary Multiple Choice True or False Fill in the blanks Essay questions Why was Stargirl different? What did you like about Stargirl's personality? What didn't you like about Stargirl's personality?

3. Punctuation

3.1. Worksheets

4. Grammer

4.1. Worksheets

5. Movies

5.1. Bedazzled

5.1.1. Related to: The Giver How is it related?

5.2. Mind Your Language

5.2.1. Related to: Grammer

5.3. Pay it Forward

5.3.1. Related to: Making decisions Changing the world