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Page to Screen by Mind Map: Page to Screen

1. Contact

1.1. Strategic Planning Map

1.2. Reference

2. Upcoming Adaptations

2.1. This page will have news about upcoming movie adaptations of popular books.

2.1.1. Graphic Design and QR codes: I would like to create a flyer/newsletter to convey the information about adaptations.

2.1.2. App Prototype: I will design an app prototype that will function similar to a news app and gives updates on adaptations

2.1.3. Photo Editing: (same as in reviews) I would like to be able to include images of the book or movie and edit them.

3. My Reviews

3.1. This is where I will give reviews of book to movie adaptations. I will compare the book to the movie, give my opinion on which one is better, give a compatibility rating of the two as well as a review of the movie.

3.1.1. Photo Editing: I would like to be able to include images of the book or the movie and edit them.

4. Home

4.1. This page will consist of a brief overview of my site, including a short, adequate explanation of what it is.

4.1.1. Social Media:  I will  create a Twitter account for my site and will have the link to it on my home page.

4.1.2. Logo: I will include my logo for PtS on every page of my site

4.1.3. Graphic Design/QR Codes: I would like to create a header for my website and have this header appear on every page

4.1.4. Video or Animation: I will create a compilation of the movies and books I review

5. About

5.1. The About page will provide details about myself and why I chose to create the site and what it offers

5.1.1. Screencast: I will create a screencast that shows guests how to manuever around the cite and use the app.

6. Tagline: Comparing books to their movie adaptations so you don't have to.

7. Other Reviews

7.1. This page will have the reviews of other people.

7.1.1. Google Form: I will use a google form to collect information from them, such as their email and reviews.

7.1.2. Infogrpahics: On this page I will have little graphics for each adaptation that will show my rating and how other cites have rated the movie and book (Like the average review on Goodreads for the book, and the review on IMBD or Rotten Tomatoes for the movie)