Columbus Discovery of the New World

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Columbus Discovery of the New World by Mind Map: Columbus Discovery of the New World

1. The Columbian Exchange

1.1. Disease

1.1.1. Smallpox

1.1.2. Measles

1.1.3. Yellow Fever

1.1.4. Typhus

1.2. Food

1.2.1. European Food Rye Wheat Barley

1.2.2. Mediterranean Plantation Crops Bananas Citrus

1.2.3. Sugar

1.3. Drugs

1.3.1. Coffee

1.3.2. Tobacco

1.4. Ecological Unbalance

1.5. Economical Unbalance

1.5.1. Population decrease leading to labor shortage Slavery

2. Colonoization

2.1. Spanish

2.1.1. Build homes Florida California Central America Mexico South America

2.1.2. Instant riches

2.2. French

2.2.1. Trapped otters and beavers

2.2.2. Set up trading posts

2.2.3. Claimed the city of Quebec

2.3. Dutch

2.3.1. Claimed the land along the river (Hudson Bay)

2.3.2. Claimed New Amsterdam (Later named New York)

2.4. English

2.4.1. Initial establishment in Virginia (Jamestown) Interested in gold more than they were in planting crops

2.4.2. Pilgrims interested in religious freedom Landed on plymouth colony

3. Establishment of the Thirteen Colonies

3.1. Escape

3.1.1. Hunger

3.1.2. War

3.1.3. Religious Persecution

3.2. Mass Immigration

3.2.1. New England Rocky infertile soil leading to difficult farm life Most turned to whalers and fishers

3.2.2. Middle Rich and fertile soil Most became commercial farmers and sold their extra crops

3.2.3. Southern Weed Tobacco Exported rice and indigo Needed cheap labor