Columbus’ voyage to the new world

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Columbus’ voyage to the new world by Mind Map: Columbus’ voyage to the new world

1. Europe

1.1. Caused one of the biggest voluntary migration in history

1.2. Inflamed national rivalries in Europe

1.3. Caused the signing of the Treaty of Tordesillas

2. Trade/Economics

2.1. New products like corn, potatoes, and tobacco were introduced to both the European and African markets

2.2. This caused what is now called the Columbian Exchange, which goes on to this day.

2.3. The ships from Europe also brought rats and other animals that disrupted and forever changed the American eco-system

3. Africa

3.1. The settlers turned to Africa for slaves.

3.2. Communities lost many members to the slave trade.

4. Natives

4.1. The diseases the Europeans brought with them devastated Native Americans

4.2. European conquistadors killed many more in the conquest for gold.