Harry's Grooming

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Harry's Grooming by Mind Map: Harry's Grooming

1. Key Stakeholders

1.1. Social / Media

1.1.1. Jon Goldmann Director, Brand Engagement at Harry's Inc.; [email protected]

1.2. Digital / Marketing

1.2.1. Rahil Esmail Senior Marketing Manager at Harry's; [email protected]

1.3. Customer / Experience

1.3.1. Brittany Solis Customer Experience at Harry's Grooming; [email protected]; "Responsible for providing outstanding customer service over the phone, through email, and live chat. Extensive experience in using Zendesk to categorize and identify customer feedback and issues, for both email and phone contacts"

1.3.2. Andrew de Michaelis Manager of Customer Experience at Harry's; [email protected]

1.3.3. Katie Rogers Director, Customer Experience and Retail at Harry's; [email protected]; "Leading our growing Customer Experience team as we not only build relationships with our customers via phone, email, text and social; but also conduct detailed analysis into our contact reasons, partnering with other areas of the company to resolve issues and create an amazing e-commerce experience"

1.3.4. Alisha Sedor Customer Experience Manager at Harry's Grooming; [email protected]

1.3.5. Sarah Alexander Customer Experience at Harry's Grooming; [email protected]

1.4. Contact Center

1.5. IT / Misc.

1.6. C - Level