Poetry: Words Within

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Poetry: Words Within by Mind Map: Poetry: Words Within

1. Home Page

1.1. The home page will have an inspirational quote to grab the readers attention. Along with a quote the home page will also include important information to keep the reader wanting to explore the site.

1.1.1. Quote: There will be a relatable quote to catch the readers attention when they first open the website.

1.1.2. Logo: I will work to create a logo for the website that will be seen on every page of the website.

1.1.3. Animation : I will have little animations that will help make my homepage more exciting

2. About

2.1. The about section of the website will give the website visitor more in depth detail about what kind of poetry site this is.

2.1.1. Screencast: I will create a screencast explaining what the site is about and how the visitor can take part in submitting poems.

2.1.2. Info graphics: I will create info graphic in the about section to make finding helpful information easier

3. Contact

3.1. The contact page will give the visitor basic contact information so they can email questions, comments,or concerns  regarding the content on the website.

3.1.1. Email: I will create an email address specifically for the website.

4. Poetry Section

4.1. The poetry section is where different categories of poetry will be displayed. Within this section the visitors will also be able to submit their own works of poetry.

4.1.1. Categories: There will be little tabs that label the different types of poetry that the visitor can  look through Poems: within the categories there will be several examples and types of poetry shared from people who have submitted poems

4.1.2. The poetry section will also give the definition of the different types of poetry

5. Ways to get involved

5.1. The involvement page will share ways that the visitors can get their own work shared on the website.

5.1.1. Facebook page: I will create a Facebook page so that the visitors can follow my website

6. Reference

6.1. This will be the page where all of my references will be found.

6.1.1. App:  I will create an app to make accessing my app convenient from a smartphone.

6.1.2. QR  code: The QR code scanner will be found on this page to help visitors access the URL quickly

7. Suggestions for improvement

7.1. This section of the website is where the visitors can leave their comments about the website and ways that it can be improved overall.

7.1.1. Google Forum: There will be a google forum section so that way the visitors can leave their suggestions for improvement.

8. Poetry-Words within tagline:  Release your inner poet.