We should not have longer school days and shorter vacations.

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We should not have longer school days and shorter vacations. by Mind Map: We should not have longer school days and shorter vacations.

1. Students should not have longer school days because it will make them lose their childhood and the whole point of being a child is to have a childhood.

1.1. In this article that says why we shouldn't have longer school days it says "Every kid in the world should have time everyday to rest, read, and play." It is saying every child needs to have fun and relax, but if longer school days start to become a thing then there will be no time for no fun.

1.1.1. In this article that I found online about pros and cons of having longer school days it says "When thinking back to your own past, where did your fondest memories of youth occur? Were they in the classroom? Chances are, they were what you did when you were out of class. With more hours spent at school, many parents worry that their children will not have the time or energy to enjoy being children." Basically the author is trying to say that the children need time to be children and have some fun, and have memorable moments outside of class just how most adults now, did when they were younger.

1.1.2. In Marita's bargain it says "By the end of the day they're restless" In this quote they are saying that the children are tired by the end of the day, and if they go home and go to sleep they miss out out their childhood by sleeping it away.

2. Students should not have longer school days because the children will be exhausted. Therefore, when the next day of school comes around they're tired.

2.1. In Marita's Bargain it says “Teachers  were cautioned that when Students are required to study , their bodies should not be exhausted by long confinement, nor bewildered by prolonged applications.” Technically saying that students should not be worked so hard for so long and getting exhausted after that. Imagine if the school day was longer, they will be even more exhausted.

2.2. There is this article that has parents opinions on the topic if we should have longer school days or not and one parent said "By the end of the day she’s tired." She is talking about her daughter that is in Kindergarten, and she comes home and is already exhausted from school. Therefore if her school ended and hour later she would really be tired and probably not be ready for school the next week.

2.3. Another article says "A lot of kids might feel stressed if they can't have any time to rest" If children are stressed they won't be able to function in the morning.

3. Students should not have longer school days because it wouldn't be good for their health and they would have no time to relax and more importantly, no time for sleep.

3.1. In Marita's bargain she said “She will get up at 5:45 in the morning, go in on Saturdays, and do homework until 11 at night.” In this quote the author is basically saying how she is losing sleep on her "free day" because of how early she gets up and how long she will do her homework for. Also you can tell she is losing sleep because of how late she is going to be and how early she gets up.

3.2. In this article I found that talks about we should not have longer school days it says, "If the homework’s due date is the next day, kids will end up sleeping very late in their effort to finish their homework, having a lot less of their precious sleeping time." The author is saying that sleep is really important to children and that they need it in order to function, so if kids already don't get enough sleep time from doing homework, then when the school day is extended, how much sleep will they get then?

3.3. In an article about sleep it says " As kids move from the baby phase to the toddler stage, and then to the elementary school and early middle school years, their sleep needs decline a bit. Yet, they still need a lot of shut-eye for their growing brains and bodies." Most children already don't get enough sleep and if they add longer school days they will definitely not get enough sleep, and that's not healthy.