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Dance Blog by Mind Map: Dance Blog

1. discussion of the videos

1.1. allow bloggers to discuss and comment on the videos and give feedback to what they enjoy and do not enjoy

2. Goal/message

2.1. to inspire individuals to be vibrant in all that they do and to help them let their creative side shine

3. my story

3.1. my story of how dance has inspired me and my background with dance

3.2. the benefits of dancing

3.3. also allow people to share their own stories about how dance has influenced their life

4. Audience

4.1. for young adults who have a love for dance and have a story to share

5. top three dance videos of the week

5.1. videos off of the web

6. references

6.1. the pictures and videos that I use within my blog

7. about me

8. Third Layer: I will be adding on digital photo editing to create a logo on my website and editing photos to enhance them

9. contact information