Nitty and Gritty's to a Lean Efficient start up

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Nitty and Gritty's to a Lean Efficient start up by Mind Map: Nitty and Gritty's to a Lean Efficient start up

1. IT infrustructure

1.1. Data Services

1.1.1. Sharing information instantaneously

1.1.2. Version control

1.1.3. Simple library

1.2. Web design

1.2.1. People judge books by its cover, how about your business?

2. Finance

2.1. Two founders, rather than one, significantly increases your odds of success. You will raise 30% more investment, grow your customers 3 times as fast, and will be less likely to scale to0 fast.

3. Sales

3.1. Scaling too fast, too soon is the number one reason most new companies fail

4. Office Space

4.1. Most companies will fail due to the financial cost. Save money from not renting your own office space.

5. Communications

5.1. Open Door Policy

5.2. Intranet

5.3. Employee Handbook

5.4. Social Media

5.5. Meetings

6. Virtual Assistant

6.1. Delegate the unnecessary tasks

6.2. Your time is valuable don't spend time missing the essential elements to be successful

7. Marketing

7.1. Asking the right questions

7.2. You're selling a product benefit

7.3. Your channels should support each other

7.4. Relevant messages

7.5. Marketing is about profitability not sales

8. Managing People

8.1. Collaborate

8.2. Empower you people

8.3. Willing to listen to the hard feedback

8.4. Let your people make the decisions and their ideas dictate the path

9. Detailed schedule from beginning to end of your start up. Not so Lean