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Rocket clouds by Mind Map:

1. Interface

1.1. Main Page

1.1.1. Header Home Button Siftswift Menu Expands into Sidebar

1.1.2. Credit Cards Credit Card Sifter

1.1.3. Bank Accounts Bank Accounts Sifter

1.1.4. Topic Finder Topic Sifter

1.1.5. Footer Copyright Info Version Info

1.2. Bank Accounts Sifter

1.2.1. Not a focus of this test session

1.3. Credit Card sifter

1.3.1. Settings Filters and Inputs Credit Score Card types of interest Rewards types Average Annual rewards Monthly spending values More settings Preference Settings Sort in order Pareto ranking Better-than-diagram

1.4. Topics sifter

2. Platforms

2.1. Windows

2.1.1. Chrome

2.2. OSX 10.x

2.2.1. Chrome

3. Main Topic 3