Elements of Design

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Elements of Design by Mind Map: Elements of Design

1. Vertical Line

1.1. Vertical Lines on wood

1.2. Vertical lines on curtains

1.3. Vertical line pattern on wall

2. Texture

2.1. Texture on wall

2.2. Texture on wall

2.3. Texture on walls/ceiling and chairs

3. Zig Zag Line

3.1. Zig zag design on floor

3.2. Zig zag bookshelf

3.3. Zig zag lines on wall

4. Space

4.1. Lots of space

4.2. Space in living room

4.3. Big open space

5. Diagonal Line

5.1. diagonal lines on wall

5.2. diagonal lines making a book shelf

5.3. Diagonal lines making a pattern

6. Horizontal Line

6.1. Horizontal lines with staircase

6.2. Horizontal lines in shower

6.3. Horizontal lines on wall

7. Curved Line

7.1. Curved chairs

7.2. Curved stair case

7.3. Curved line on walls and ceiling