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Virtual CIO by Mind Map: Virtual CIO
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Virtual CIO


Review all systems


Review computer systems, servers

Customer Service


Analytics, Track 24, 48 hours, 72 then weekly, Make adjustments if needed during each review period

Review customer service issues and make product adjustments if needed

Review and update all content as needed


Write press release, release online, Pitch engine, PRWeb

Make outbound contact to PR contacts

Outbound email

Reconnect with those who didn't purchase

Continue list building

Revisit SMedia activities to keep up buzz

Invite purchasers to share stories on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin other SM channels are appropriate.

Post positive stories online as you receive them

Pre Launch

Create 10 articles around virtual CIOs core products (security, back up, routine maintenance, etc)

Have a PDF template designed

Determine content

Create an editorial calendar to determine when content goes out

Re-purpose 10 articles, Create press releases based, Create slide shares, Create videos, Create blogs, Create articles

Develop graphics/screenshots

Have articles edited

Create a Squeeze page

Write copy for squeeze page

Design graphics for page

Set up Google analytics

Determine an offer for the squeeze page

Add social media tools for retweets and likes

Develop < 2min video for squeeze pg

Create a plan b offer, if you don't capture the address

test ALL links and if the responders work they way you want

Set up and create auto responder emails


Write press release, release online, Pitch engine, PRWeb

create a press list, build relationships w/ those on list

Build prelaunch site

Design and create graphics

Add blog to site

Add content from 10 articles based on ed cal

Set up google analytics

Recruit team

Copy Writer

Designer/word press guru

Determine budget available


Facebook Ads

Research target group online hang outs


Linked In groups

You Tube




Create social media channels based on reasearch


Determine if that is a course of action

Determine to go it alone or just an affiliate network, Determine payout structure

If yes, create a partnership/JV kit, Blog posts, Tweets, FB posts, Emails, Banner ads

Recruit beta testers

Ask them to test system

get feedback on various pkgs.


Set up ecommerce

Set up secure shopping cart

Get merchants account

Create sales page

Develop < 2min video for sales pg

Design graphics for page

Add social media tools for retweets and likes

Set up Google analytics

Write copy for sales page

Create sales offer

Set up and create auto responder emails

Create an upsell offer

Create a downstream sell offers as way to collect additional revenue and/or gain email addresses

Quality Assurance/ Customer Service

Test all links within sales pages and emails

Ensure all parties understand role and how to support product

Determine methods of customer support and who is in charge, Email support, Skype, Chat

Test checkout process

Develop escalation matrix

Test remote services

Test phone services -- in bound out and outbound

Create outbound launch email

Revisit PPC/Facebook ads budget based on number of names generated during pre-launch

Create launch content


Press releases

Announcement email