Technology Integration

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Technology Integration by Mind Map: Technology Integration

1. Examples

1.1. Case Studies

1.1.1. University of Iowa

1.1.2. Sutter Health

1.1.3. Kid Tech

1.1.4. DIRTT Approach v3 (displax)

2. Benefits

2.1. Productivity

2.1.1. User engagement

2.2. Function

2.2.1. Maximizing real estate

2.2.2. Minimize clutter

2.2.3. Centralized control

2.2.4. Easy maintenance

2.2.5. Accessibility

2.2.6. Secure

2.3. Flexibility

2.3.1. Brand Neutral

2.3.2. Bring You Own Device

2.3.3. Adaptable

2.3.4. incorporate advancing technology without full demolition

2.4. Design

2.4.1. Integration into the environment

2.5. Industry Specific

2.5.1. Healthcare Infection control Cost-effective (don't need Hosp. grade TVs)

2.5.2. Education Durable

3. Possibilities

3.1. Solutions

3.1.1. Interactivity DIRTT Touch tiles Kiosks

3.1.2. Collaboration Smart Screens eBeam Device docks

3.1.3. Automation Control Panels

3.1.4. Function Switch Glass Speaker Tiles LED lighting (HC)

3.1.5. Communications Conferencing

3.1.6. Aesthetics LED lighting Color changing tiles

3.2. Model

3.2.1. What problems are solved by integrating technology.

3.2.2. How is it enhancing the environment?

3.2.3. Why is it better integrated into the environment?

3.3. Reference

3.3.1. Innovations

3.3.2. Labs

4. Summary / Action

4.1. Find out how we could integrate your technology.

4.2. Contact a DIRTT partner

5. Description

5.1. Define integrated technology

5.2. Why is technology integration important with respect to are target audiences?

6. Current Issues

6.1. Design is stale

6.2. Lacking scope

6.3. Doesn't depict technology integration

6.4. Page loses focus on integration

6.5. Some benefits aren't strictly focused on integrated technology

7. Section Goals

7.1. Provide the scope of integrated technology

7.2. Show definitive examples of environment improvement

7.3. Make the user feel that anything is possible

7.4. Show that we're pushing the limits of what we can do with integrated technology.

7.5. Focus on the integration of the said technology as opposed to the technology itself.

8. Issues

8.1. Modifying this section will create inconsistancy with the other benefits