Cosmological Argument

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Cosmological Argument by Mind Map: Cosmological Argument

1. Motion

1.1. Aquinas believes that anything that has motion must have had something or a force to put it into that motion.

1.2. In addition to this, St Thomas Aquinas concludes that there must have been an unmoved mover which is God who put these things into motion.

2. Efficient Cause

2.1. An agent that brings a thing into being or initiates change.

2.2. This A posteriori argument shows that there is an efficient cause for everything and no object creates itself.

2.3. Aquinas believed that ultimately the uncaused first cause being God must have begun the chain.

3. Possibility and Necessity

3.1. This describes contingent beings and necessary beings.

3.2. A contingent being is an object that cannot exist without a necessary being causing its existence .

3.3. 1) Contingent beings are caused

3.4. 2) Not every being can be contingent

3.5. 3) A necessary being must exist to cause contingent beings

3.6. This necessary being is God