Schools viewing social media

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Schools viewing social media by Mind Map: Schools viewing social media

1. Should schools be allowed to look at students social media accounts?

1.1. In an instant where an emergency has happened

1.1.1. Student commits suicide

1.1.2. Cyber bullying

1.1.3. Threats against school

1.1.4. Crimes happening in/at school

2. Should schools not be allowed to look at students social media accounts?

2.1. What does social media have to do with a students schooling

2.1.1. Using social media does not directly tie into academic performance

2.2. When not at school, kids should have the right to freely do as they please

2.2.1. Kids need freedom from school To express themselves To have their own interests Do as they please

2.2.2. They should be able to explore things that they don't learn at school Online can be a connection to things outside a classroom Music Art Friends

2.3. Out of school, it is a parents responsibility to watch over their kid

2.3.1. If a parent is fine with their child being on social media the school has no imposition on that

2.3.2. Parents should know what their kids are doing while they are online