Zika Virus Spread Through Tears

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Zika Virus Spread Through Tears by Mind Map: Zika Virus Spread Through Tears

1. Spreadability in tears

1.1. When the Zika virus enters one's body, the virus also appears in the tears.

1.2. The live Zika virus is not found in tears, but the RNA of the virus is found.

1.3. So people can possibly get infected if they contact with the tears.

2. Possible Symptoms

2.1. Conjunctivitis ( Pink Eye )

2.1.1. Inflammation of transparent membrane

2.1.2. Inflammation of the white part of the eyeball

2.2. Uveitis ( inflammation of the middle tissue layer of the eye )

2.2.1. Pain

2.2.2. Blurred Vision

2.2.3. Blindness

2.3. Infect the baby of the pregnant woman

2.3.1. Damage their eyes

2.3.2. Blindness after birth

2.4. Infect several parts of the eyes

2.4.1. Iris

2.4.2. Retina

2.4.3. Optic Nerves

3. Possible Danger in Future

3.1. Corneal Transplants

3.1.1. Virus can spread from donor to recipient

3.1.2. Prevention : Test Corneal tissue before transplantation.

4. Duration of Virus's Existence

4.1. Although the virus is cleared from the body, the virus can still stay in the eyes for some periods of time.